The Biology Faculty has a variety of large equipment such as centrifuges incubator-shakers ice makers as well as delicate equipment such as Sonicator Phosphoimager and Gel -Docs, Licor-Odyssey and a LAS-4000 ImageQuant.

The Equipment has free access (pending ordering via our system), and it is available to all users from the faculty of biology that were instructed by Dr. Orit Goldshmidt-Tran (Orita), the supervisor of faculty research equipment and procurement.

The “Virus room” is also under the supervision of biology equipment. This room is non-typical culture room; it’s a BSL class 2+ room. The room has limited access and it is available only to biology researches and students which have been instructed by ESter Messer and filled in the required form.

Pleas note! the password for the equipment ordering system is personal! Under no circumstances it should be given to another person.