New Equipment

Hello everyone,

Below is a list of new equipment bought by the faculty:

  1. Ice makers on the 2nd and 5th Floor Biology Building and in MALAT.
  2. Two new ultra-centrifuge Rotors
  3. Liquid Scintillation Counter – Room 221
  4. Faxitron – Ayoub’s Lab
  5. Double distilled water system – Room 221
  6. Two shaker incubators (refrigerators) – Room 400 and Room 500
  7. Cell disruption system – Room 455
  8. Speed Vac – Room 455.
  9.  A new hood – Viruses room.

All are intended for your use, please maintain the equipment.

Equipment 4-25

The Millipore Milli-Q Reference on the 4th floor in the biology building is WORKING. Thanks Oded

Equipment 3-9

The Fluorimeter is out of order. Thanks Oded
Status: The technician will arrive on Wednesday 28.5.14