Equipment 4-2

The Centrifuge in 4th floor of Biology Buliding room 400 is working now. Thanks Oded

Out of order equipment 4-2

The Centrifuge in 4th floor of Biology Buliding room 400 is NOT working.

Status: Amendment invitation was sent to the company

Thanks Oded

Out of order equipment 2-3

The Liquid Scintillation Counter is NOT working.

Status:  The parts still haven’t arrived.

Amendment invitation was sent to the company, Electronic components are due to arrive from abroad, so will be a delay in repairing the device . Thanks Oded

Out of order Equipment 4-13

The Autoclave in the 4th floor is out of order, the autoclaves in the 2nd & the right one in Emerson buliding are available for your use. Thanks Oded