Equipment 2-3

Recently, a number of complaints were received about the scintillation counter. So we decided to book a technician who calibrate the instrument. Thanks Oded

Status:The device was calibrated, and regularly works

Devices relocation

For your convenience, several movements of devices were made on the 4th floor (in the biology building):

Shakers were transferred into room 400.

The centrifuge (from room 400) was transferred along with the Gel Doc (from room 418) to room 456.

Hope you will have more convenient and tidy environment.

Infrastructure works

Tomorrow between the hours of 8:00 to 10:00 Infrastructure works will be performed in the washing room 455 (building biology), thus there will be no distilled water in this place.

Consequently the autoclave and the Millipore device (double distilled water) will not work in these hours.

In light of past cases, labs that have freezers in this room, are invited to monitor during and in the completion of the work, on their freezers.

Sorry for the inconvenience

Equipment 3-6

The Autoclave of the third floor in the Biology building (3-6) was renovated and the user interface has been replaced with a new one.
I would be happy if you use it, but before initial use you MUST undergo training.

Thanks Oded.